Why Samsung brought the Stylus S Pen to the Galaxy S21 Ultra – Samsung is equipping the Galaxy S line with the S Pen stylus for the first time. The first Galaxy S model to receive the S Pen’s assistance is the Galaxy S21 Ultra which was just released at the “Galaxy Unpacked” event, Thursday (14/1/2021). “This is the first time we are introducing the S series which is compatible with the S Pen,” said Charlie McCarren, mgslotonline Global Corporate Strategy in his presentation. So far, the S Pen is only present in the Galaxy Note line and several types of Galaxy Tab pills. Product Marketing at Samsung Electronics Indonesia, M. Taufiq Furqan said, the presence of the S Pen is to complement the features available on the Galaxy S21 Ultra, which is the highest type in the Galaxy S21 series. This model is targeted at technology lovers who use cell phones not only for communication or social media, but also for work. “So not only a good camera, more RAM and storage, the S21 Ultra is also maximized by users with the S Pen,”

Why Samsung brought the Stylus S Pen to the Galaxy S21 Ultra


cheapsjerseysoutlet.com – At the Galaxy Unpacked event, Samsung also introduced two types of S Pen styluses, namely the regular S Pen and the S Pen Pro. The S Pen, which matches the Galaxy S21 Ultra, is smaller. While the S Pen Pro has a larger size and has also been added with Air Action capabilities. The stylus S Pen can only be used on the Galaxy S21 Ultra and cannot be used on the Galaxy S21 or Galaxy S21 Plus types. The regular S Pen on the Galaxy S21 Ultra does not yet support the bluetooth low energy (BLE) feature. This feature is useful as a camera controller remotely.

That means, the S Pen on the Galaxy S 21 Ultra has not been able to be used to take pictures or control the camera remotely. The S Pen on the new Galaxy S21 Ultra can be used to write or draw on Samsung Notes. In addition, the S Pen includes being able to be used to operate the screen to scroll text or scroll through the photo gallery.

This capability is not the same as the S Pen Pro, which will add BLE for the Air Action feature, such as that available on the Galaxy Note. The regular S Pen will be sold together with the sale of the Galaxy S21 Ultra, fitting that the S Pen Pro will only be released in the next few months, approximately in the second quarter of 2021. Samsung sells the S Pen and Galaxy S21 Ultra separately, not in a package like the Galaxy Note. The S Pen will be sold in a bundle with a back cover. This is because the Galaxy S21 Ultra does not have a specific compartment to place the S Pen, like the Galaxy Note. So, the S Pen can only be tucked into the compartment available on the back cover. As Taufiq said, the Galaxy S21 Ultra has the largest capacity compared to the other two styles. The Galaxy S21 Ultra has three memory variants, namely 12GB / 128GB RAM which is sold at Rp.18,999,000, 12GB / 256GB RAM which is priced at Rp.19,999,000, and the highest style is 16GB / 512GB RAM which is sold along with the price. IDR 21,999,000. This flagship phone has two color variants, namely Phantom Silver and Phantom Black. Samsung has opened pre-orders for the Galaxy S21 Ultra from January 14-27.

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