Caviar Origin, Reincarnation of Vertu Luxury Phones Starting from IDR 14 Million – Maybe some of Gizmo friends used to think that the most luxurious cellphones in the world were produced by a brand called Vertu. Yes, the tens of millions of luxury cellphone brands used to be victorious, until they finally lost to the Android smartphone competition. Now, Caviar Origin appears, which seems to exist as Vertu’s reincarnation.

Caviar Origin, Reincarnation of Vertu Luxury Phones Starting from IDR 14 Million


cheapsjerseysoutlet – If you are not familiar with it before, Caviar itself is a brand that is known for producing the latest iPhones with a gold body coating and other luxurious materials, giving it an added value, especially for those who want exclusivity. For the first time, Caviar designed its own cellphone, the Caviar Origin Concept. You say cell phones, yes, smartphones may also be included.

The reason is, despite having a design befitting an old Vertu cellphone, Caviar Origin runs the Android operating system. Different from other versions? Of course, because Android is used for phones with the T9 (ABC) keyboard, it must be different, aka simpler. However, the current most popular messaging application will also be available on the 2021 luxury phone.

Looking at the design, it is very similar to several previous Vertu designs. The corners are made sharp until the keyboard, still use the five-way navigation key to navigate. Caviar himself designed this fully working concept to be navigated by the button. Well, it looks like KaiOS which is on several Nokia smart phone feature phones.

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On the official website itself, it is written that Caviar Origin will appear as the spiritual heir of Vertu’s “push-button phone”, and will be further manufactured and designed like a masterpiece of art. Until now, Caviar has not determined the ingredients of Caviar Origin.

In the demo video above, there is an interesting thing that can be found when the user accesses the application menu. After scrolling down a few times, you can find a popular messaging application, WhatsApp. So that the owner still communicates with friends and office colleagues, even though he is not using an actual Android smartphone.
Will be sold starting from IDR 14 million

Present as a concept, Caviar Origin is scheduled to be presented in the fourth quarter of this year, which is still quite a while, giving Caviar time to determine the material to be used. Price? Starting from USD1,000 (Rp.14 million) to infinity, depending on the consumer.

Naturally, the material used is really premium, a mixture of metal and diamond stones. Previously, Caviar had released a special edition of the Nokia 3310 meeting edition of Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin, which sold for $ 2.466 or Rp.34 million. A fantastic price that will easily make the #mending team scream.

Today, the options for luxury phones with alphanumeric keyboards are virtually non-existent. HMD has indeed released several reborn cellphone series, but some of them are not officially present in Indonesia. Meanwhile, the official Nokia 3310 only supports 2G networks, not even 3G.

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